Montessori Number Literacy

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Montessori Number Literacy

Product description

Discover the Magic of Learning with our Montessori Wooden Practice Board – A Fun and Educational Tool for Young Explorers!

Are you eager to ignite your child's passion for learning while honing essential skills for life? Look no further than our Montessori Wooden Practice Board, designed to make the journey of early education a delightful and hands-on experience.

What will my child learn?

Perfect Pencil Grip Training: Our Montessori Wooden Practice Board is expertly crafted to assist preschoolers in mastering the art of holding a pencil with precision. Through touching and writing exercises, children develop the correct pencil grip, setting a strong foundation for future writing endeavors.

123 Letter and Number Writing: Learning the fundamentals of numbers and letters is a breeze with our practice board. With designated spaces for practicing, children can effortlessly trace and write numbers and letters, enhancing their early literacy and numeracy skills.

Hand-Eye Coordination: Engaging in tactile activities on the Montessori Wooden Practice Board encourages the development of hand-eye coordination. As children trace lines and shapes, they refine their ability to control their hand movements with precision.

Fine Motor Skill Enhancement: Our practice board serves as a fantastic tool for fine motor skill development. The act of holding a pencil and carefully tracing letters and numbers fosters dexterity and control, setting the stage for confident and neat handwriting.

Count and Match Activities: Beyond writing practice, our Montessori board features interactive counting and matching activities. Children can count objects and match them to the corresponding numbers, promoting numerical comprehension in a playful manner.

What will I get?

One Wooden board , 10 colorful cubes , one wooden mock pen, 1- 10 wooden planks

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